Peyton Manning – The Sheriff

Super Bowl 50

Uncle Boise can no longer stay silent. With the Boise State University Broncos being our home team, we Idahoans are bursting with excitement and anticipation about the fact that our big brothers, the Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl! Super Bowl 50. I know I’m not uncovering any breaking news at this late date, and honestly what more can be said that already hasn’t been reported inside and out about our neighboring sports heroes? As the locals say; “How ’bout them Broncos?”

Closer to home, our Boise State University Broncos football team ended the 2015 season with a 9-4 record. A little short, but still catering to the fans, last year went down in Boise Bronco Football history as well fought. The advertisement slots from retail stores to professional house cleaning Ancaster Ontario definitely inflated profits but ultimately our guys rocked Albertsons Stadium, giving fans the entertainment, as well as a fairly good dose of the satisfaction they were looking for. Head coach Bryan Harsin took the team to 10-2 in his first season, but is still striving to return to the glory days we all fondly recall under Coach Petersen in the mid 2000s when we were undefeated.

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Winter Fun In Couer d’Alene


Like so many stir crazy souls, mid-winter madness creeps in on Uncle Boise, too. I don’t really have a calling to go too far from home since Idaho is one of the finest places on earth. Being the true definition of a hometown boy, more often than not I just want to investigate the wonders of Idaho.

With skiing so close, and not only within, but close to the borders of Idaho, I go north, base out of Coeur d’Alene, and take the short ride to the slopes. When I want to have a little diversion, and kiss the sky from a chairlift, I go visit my buds in Coeur d’Alene.

Over the years, Uncle Boise has made a lot of friends in Coeur d’ Alene and I’ve gotten to know the town very well through their eyes. Since my gang up north like to play in the area’s winter wonderland, I travel up every winter to get a little raucous on the slopes. Some of the crew had recently taken up snowboarding – I don’t know, to me the mountains are safer on skis, but someday I might give it a go – on a bunny slope.

Uncle Boise isn’t interested in breaking anything for the sake of a good time. I am in pretty good shape, I keep active at work managing a skilled group of commercial plumbers Hamilton so I ain’t taking too many chances of screwing that up. Those days of tipping the edge have been in my face lately – literally.

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McCall Winter Carnival

McCall Winter Ice Sculpture

So what’s going on in Boise these days? Winter in Idaho is such a beautiful time of the year. Sure, we can get the hellacious snow storms, but the fun we have with them once they have settled out is hard to beat. The crisp air makes for one of the bluest skies you’ll ever set eyes on, and the foothills are ripe for snowshoeing and hiking. What makes life in Boise, or Idaho in general so great? Well according to Uncle Boise it’s the surrounding beauty and the people.

This year’s McCall Winter Carnival is a wonderful example of both. Tens of thousands of people show up for the nine day event all in the name of fun and friendly competition. One of the biggest draws are the snow sculptures. They are true works of art and can represent everything from the sublime to the ridiculous.

One in particular slated for this year, is a very unlikely entry, featuring a local merchant’s pest control company. Making an ugly subject fun, will be sure to get Riley’s pest control business attention with its ice ants and snowy termites.

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Uncle Boise Keeps His Eyes Open

Boise Fall Skyline

Last night was a great night to be in Boise. You know how community based we are at Uncle Boise’s and when a neighbor’s son was admitted to the NFL draft everyone showed up to celebrate. We came in droves, first to Boise State University, then to Alavita Italian restaurant for eats. Some readers may not find this kind of a Friday night that much of a turn on, but then again maybe you aren’t the right audience for Uncle Boise’s blog.

I’m all about fellowship, and supporting our local . . . well, whoever, for a job well done. Whether it’s in the arena of athletics, community service, volunteerism, or any other aspect that contributes to making the world of Boise go round, Uncle Boise is all in. With the feel of a small town, Boise caters to the sense of unity and community that gives our little city a feeling of family.

Mick Swenson, a Senior at Boise State was the center of attention last night. He and the first string took a VIP Limousine Service Kitchener ON to the event. Mick quarterbacked our team and brought The Boise State Broncos into it’s third straight winning season. Now he’s ready to go on to his next step in a promising career and make us proud.

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